Future of Digital Marketing: Marketing is a dynamic industry. Only a few years ago, we used to think banners and billboards can do all the marketing necessary to sell a product. But today there are so many options in front of us. Our lives have changed, so has technology. Digital marketing brought newer and versatile ways to improve the field of advertisement. While the field of marketing is constantly changing, it is crucial to keep up with the trends. With all these rapid changes in the field of marketing, people are always wondering what the future of digital marketing is.

Not many years ago, companies used to think that telling people about their products and how they would solve consumers’ problems while being better than their competition is the only way of advertising. Nowadays, we have the technology to understand our consumers better. Digital marketing not only tells people what they need, but it also creates a way to make the users think that they need it. Digital marketing is more personal. It is continuously adapting to meet the needs of customers and brands alike.

The traditional digital marketing landscapes are experiencing changes with innovations. With the technological development happening within digital marketing channels, the future of digital marketing is becoming eminent to talk about. Below are a few trends that digital marketers can keep their eyes on and incorporate into their marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology of Artificial Intelligence is still young. Yet it is doing wonders for digital marketing. We are all seeing AI being used in a range of marketing applications including content creation, voice and face recognition, chatbots, digital assistants, and highly targeted marketing strategies.

In search engine marketing, marketers pay to generate web traffic by buying advertisements on the search engine. These advertisements are either counted by the number of clicks they get or the amount of time they are displayed. Artificial intelligence automatically buys advertising space, using data, to determine which audience the ads should target for search engine marketers. It helps in the meta-analysis of broad-spectrum data sets to make decisions.

Many popular sites like Amazon and Netflix are using AI to help with recommendations and transactions for their clients. It is becoming a norm in the current marketing strategy because of its ability to analyze customer behavior and create a better more engaging purchasing experience.

Voice Optimized Personal Digital Assistant:

We are all familiar with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. The users speak directly to these voice assistants instead of typing in a request or manually performing it. This AI-driven personal assistant market is becoming increasingly popular. It is a way of staying connected to people in their day-to-day lives, on a personal level.

This voice optimization technology is a great chance for digital marketers to directly work with SEO to add voice search options on their websites. With the rise of the popularity of this technology, the number of voice assistants will increase and the idea of a hands-free assistant will soon become permanent.

This technology is improving day-by-day. With the progress and the accuracy of the technology, the users will grow. The users will be able to see this voice assistant technology evolve in personal and business level. It will provide personal services along with data analysis of customer behavior, various productivity and business program and software with the goal of helping businesses in their marketing strategies.

Video and Personalized Contents:

In recent years, personalization in content is getting more and more popular. With SEO and voice search optimization, personalized and authentic content are becoming the key to customer engagement. Many marketers believe that personalized content strengthens the customer relationship. And with the availability of big data, customers’ in-depth information is becoming more available and marketers are able to access that information to create personalized content with experiences that reflects their preferences.

While personalization is proved to be successful in all types of content, some categories like video content are proven to be more successful in generating a digital marketing strategy. More and more businesses nowadays are using videos as their digital marketing tools. Some are making live videos, stories and some are even going above and beyond to make personalized video messages instead of emails and text messages. It is a promising way to reach new and young customers while increasing customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing:

As more people are starting to use social media, the more it is losing its original purpose. People nowadays do not use social media only for the purpose of connecting to their peers. They are watching videos and other content rather than actual social networking. They are looking more towards entertainments and other newer technologies and virtual leaders and influencers are separating them.

Social media influencers are implicitly and explicitly marketing products and services through various social media channels. People tend to believe words spoken by other people rather than brands. Marketers find up-and-coming social media influencers like YouTube or Instagram stars and build relationships with them on both micro- and macro- levels. With the help of AI, this social media influencer marketing strategy is becoming more automated, data-driven and faster in building better customer experience and business relationships.

To ensure a better future for their business, all digital marketers need to stay on top of the trends. With time, digital marketing is becoming more competitive and the above trends can help marketers with a clear vision and longer goals to create a flexible long-term strategy for a successful marketing campaign.


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