Digital marketing companies have their own industry niche. Many people ask us questions like, what is the job of digital marketing, what are the requirements to become a digital marketer, and how much salary do you get paid for a career in digital marketing? Well, if you think of yourself as an analytical and business savvy person as well as creative and curious, you might be thinking about pursuing the career of digital marketing. But before you take a leap into the job, find out what skills you need to start as a digital marketer and what can you do to start your career as a digital marketer or a digital marketing manager.

# What exactly is the job of a digital marketing expert?

A digital marketing expert is responsible for the duty of developing, implementing, and managing any marketing campaign to promote any company, product, or service digitally. A digital marketer plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness using digital channels to generate leads and web traffics. He identifies and evaluates new digital technologies.

To better optimize digital marketing campaign a digital marketing manager uses web analytics tools to measure site traffic. He uses measurable analytics to identify weaknesses while finding ways to improve performance across the channels. Digital channels include a company’s website, social media, email marketing, corporate blogging, online ads, and search engine rankings.

# What skills do you need to be a digital marketing expert?

As a digital marketer, you can either be a jack-of-all-trades, or you can focus on one or two skills in which you can become an expert. A digital marketing manager has to be a strong leader. You need to be able to influence others and bring results through collaboration. You need strong writing skills and data analysis skills to effectively communicate brand messages through various online promotions and email campaigns, and find other ways to reach customers through the Internet.

Digital marketing professionals are responsible for developing the strategy used in online marketing. They have to utilize those techniques in fields like social media, web analytics, e-mail marketing, and search engine optimization. Specialist SEO marketers work on translating business goals to increase search engine ranking.

# Digital Marketing Positions you can look for

If you want to be more specific and want to learn about your options before preparing yourself for a digital marketer position, here are a few possibilities you can look into:

1. SEO Manager:

An SEO manager helps drive content and improve a company’s content. You will provide the content creators’ input and target with valuable insights to generate more traffic on the search engine result page and enhance performance on social media.

2. Content Marketing Specialist:

As a content marketing specialist, you be the creator of content. You need to come up with plans and strategies to ensure the increase of traffic and search engine result page ranking. You will be in charge of what to post, from video to blogs and even social media posting. A content marketer needs to work closely with the SEO manager to improve the effectiveness of the content. 

3. Social Media Manager:

The role of a social media marketing manager is to create social media content, posting them on effective time and oversee them. You might have to work with a content creator, SEO manager, and other digital marketers to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

4. Marketing Automation Coordinator:

For this position, you need to be more tech-savvy. It is a technology-focused position where you will have to deal with the effects and results of the marketing campaign. With the use of software, you will have to find out more about important customer behavior. You will be tracking campaign performance through measurement and statistics.

5. Digital Marketing Manager:

This is the position where you will oversee the overall content strategy and marketing campaigns. You will be enhancing brand awareness by driving traffic and acquiring new customers. You will also optimize your digital marketing effort by keeping track of new technology.

6. Education Requirements for Digital Marketing

To start a career in digital marketing a bachelor’s degree is enough. Studying the basics of search engine marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and web analytics can lead to a career as a digital marketing specialist, SEO specialist or digital sales executive. Aspiring leaders will need a masters’ degree on the subject.

7. Salaries

The basic salary range for an Internet Marketing Specialist can be $33,000-$63,000. For Digital Marketing Managers the salary can fell into a range of $41,000-$99,000.

To be a digital marketing expert you need to have a forward-thinking mind. You will have to collaborate with other departments while being a pioneer and keep track of all the latest industry changes.


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